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Kilitch Healthcare having its administrative office at Sion, Mumbai spread across a sprawling 6000 Sq. ft. administers all the operations within all the group under the supervision of the higher authorities.

Kiltch Healthcare India Ltd. is committed to serving its customers by providing an extensive line of affordable, safe and efficacious pharmaceuticals in the following markets :

Ophthalmic Division :

Eyekare Kilitch Ltd. is "Truly Committed to Ophthamlology", one of the maturing entrants in niche segment of Ophthalmology, in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.

Company masters in marketing of ophthalmic products under a wide array of segments including Mydriatics, Anti Glaucoma, Antibiotics, Anti Oxidants, Antiallergics, Anti Inflammatory with more than 30 products under its portfolio taking care of the pre and post-operative conditions.

Apart from these the company also markets products including artificial tear solution WETEYE, WETEYE Forte and First of its kind in India Preservative Free eye drops which includes, LIKETEARS, TRAVOPROSTIN, TRAVOPROSTIN-T, BRIMOEYE-T, HALOEYE.

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Specialty Therapeutics and Injectable Pharmaceuticals :

Liquid and Lyophilized
Kilitch Healthcare specializes in manufacturing of sterile injectables under the atmost care. Kilitch Healthcare has a wide product portfolio which includes leading brands like multi vitamin injections, utmost, with an immense client list.

Contract Manufacturing :

Our Contract Service segment manufactures aseptic filled and terminally sterilized injectable pharmaceutical products from our facilities in Mumbai, India, for third party pharmaceutical customers.

With Kilitch Healthcare as your partner, you have access not only to our innovative services and technology, but also to our experts.We offer a solid base of industry experience capped by a strong desire to stay on top of industry trends and process improvements.